Dreams and Cardigans

"Hopped off the Plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan," A wise philosopher once spoke those words.  As the plane began its descent into LA they rang like a song in my head. When I graduated from college, I faced a dilemma. I could either move to LA and chase my dreams to become an artist or take the practical route get a job and wear cardigans year round because cubicle temperatures hover below freezing. Surprisingly I took the practical route and four years later I am now able to travel the world and dedicate 100% of my time to my creative process. Coming to LA was surreal for me because I always imagined myself living in this city. 


I exited LAX and into the car of a friend from Amsterdam who whisked me to Hollywood so I could settle in and grab some food.  The very first thing I noticed was the sheer reliance on cars and while everyone tries to make the experience better. I couldn’t help but feel passenger-seat road rage due to the fact that rush hour is a 24/7 affair.  

After grabbing a bite to eat we wondered around Hollywood.



My friend and I went back to where I was staying and talked. Those small intimate moments are the ones I’m going to miss the most when I’m abroad. There’s nothing more comfortable then talking with a friend you’ve known for multiple years. Part of me is really sad that I'm going to miss those moments with people I really care about. However, while I will be missing out on small moments with old friends I will be creating new memories and connections while abroad.  

By the end of the first week, I had fallen in love with LA, even though my friends expected me to hate it. In truth- I expected to hate it as well. I imagined a city full of fake people the same way people imagine D.C. as a city full of stuffy bureaucrats. LA has a large and vibrant culture from the beautiful area of Little Tokyo. 

To the holiday office party I went to with my friend Brooke who graciously housed me during my stay. 

LA Surprised me and in a lot of ways, I surprised myself. I went to California as a test before my move to Tokyo. As you will see from my upcoming posts I think I aced it. Subscribe so you won't miss any more of my LA adventures.