Echo Park

 The Sun decided to say hello just as the photo shoot started. A previously overcast day was now bright with colors; Amhari’s highlight shone like gold. We had just met the week before.

Amhari in front of the lake.

Amhari in front of the lake.


When I travel I believe the universe will provide what I need. As a photographer, specifically interested in using the genre of fashion photography to tell the stories of the marginalized, I can’t hone my talent without people. While in L.A. I really wanted to push myself to find a model for my project Black Femme Magic. I haven’t had much luck with model mayhem so I was hoping that while I was out on the town I would meet someone willing to be photographed by me.


I sat down on the bench outside of a party- legs tired from dancing to a nudisco song I couldn’t have Shazamed if I wanted to. On my right was Brooke just as tired as me and on the right was a person I didn’t know. In the spirit of being friendly, I said hello. Fast forward and I was now photographing this person.  

What started as a drinking reservoir in 1870 became a park in 1892. Amhari had suggested it because she was from eastern part of L.A.  I spent most of my time on the west side of the city so I rejoiced at the ability to go east. 

After the photoshoot Amhari took me to one of her favorite little pizza places in the neighborhood.