Artist Collaboration Nozomi Teranishi

One of my big dreams about my time in Japan was the ability to work with a Japanese artist. I scoured the internet and used every trick in boolean logic to find upcoming talent that would be interested in working with me. After I had all but given up, when in walks Nozomi Teranishi, an amazing photographer and visual artist from Fukushima, Japan. Their photography series The Regeneration of Complex Societies, about their experience of the  2011 earthquake caught my attention and wouldn't let go- see the photo series on their website.

We met up for drinks and spend the rest of the evening having a photoshoot. I was curious how I would look behind someone else's lens. The photo's we took of each other that evening was so much fun and it makes me want to continue collaboration with other artists. 

The photos Nozomi took of me. 

It's always interesting working with other photographers and seeing how their creative eye works and what stands out to them versus myself. 

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