Archive of Softness III

Black femme's and genderqueer folx will hype you up the hardest period. Especially when its one of our own.  Our senses are acute, they have to be for us to survive. So we recognize the determination, passion, and shine of one another when other people refuse to. So for me, London was paradise because I was surrounded by black queer femmes. On the weekends I'd go out to parties like Pxssy Palace and when you're on the dance floor the entire space is so affirming because you see yourself reflected all around you. 

 I want to create connections when you look at my photos, I want them to build temporary shelters for you. Traveling around the world has only deepened my need to continue capturing the beauty and diversity of black femme and genderqueer people. So much of travel especially as a black queer femme is about isolation- being the only one. So there's something special about capturing the beauty of people like me. Wherever we go we flourish and I love traveling around the world and capturing that.


The first person I shot in London was Zoe. We met because I almost lived in their artist group house. When I went to visit for a walk through I realized I knew one of the other housemates from DC. Despite not moving in I developed a friendship with the people in the house and I miss all the times spent chilling in their living room.

Our photo shoot took place in the Woodbury Wetlands in East London which has two reservoirs and is a great location for a run. You never feel entirely separate from the housing estates and steel towers hallmarks of London. They jut out high over the horizon always reminding you where you are. I didn't get to see much nature while I was in London. Except for some time in a few parks. My favorite being London Fields. 


The second London addition to my Archive of Softness was an American friend and artist living in London doing furniture design. We met through a very good mutual friend that I went to college with. It was really fun getting to reconnect in London. 


Our photo shoot was in Victoria Park. When I arrived kids were playing football, runners we're out for their evening rounds, the sun, however, was not as active. The light was flat and tepid wind swept across the field carrying with it the early signs of fall. As always photographing with natural light its like a game your playing with the sun. You have to devise a way to make it work with whatever the sun gives you. And the sun forever on its own schedule would peak its head out whenever it felt like. But I came through and  captured my two favorite shots of the day when the sun decided to grace us with her presence. 

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