Fashion Meditation VIII

I found it difficult to dress in Thailand, not just because of the oppressive heat, but also the oppressive statements from my fellow backpackers. Thailand was the last place I expected to experience transphobia and yet it was worn so casually by so many of the people I was surrounded by.


Keeping cool under the relentless sun was my first priority. So I wore a lot of linen like my top from Uniqlo with some thrifted linen pants.


This shirt I got as graduation present to myself years ago. I loved the African print and when I was getting dressed for the Pai Canyons I knew that this print would stand out against any background. My yellow bangle was a gift from a friend. I tried walking out on the ledge but barely made it halfway because it was entirely too narrow.

IMG_0406 color.jpg

Eventually I realized that I had to do me and I needed to let the haters announce themselves and exit my life. I wore this outfit to a lantern market in Chiang Mai during Loi Krathong. The street was filled with art installations and they were having a contest for Ms and Mr Chiang Mai. I felt so self conscious at first but I shouldn’t have given that Thai culture while conservative is accepting of gender non-conforming people.


I knew I needed a colorful outfit for my sailing trip around Krabi so I opted for my purple shorts with my Uniqlo crop top. Even though the sun was unrelenting I felt cool in my fit and was able to go from land to sea and back again without having any worries.