Divanun Guide/Kyoto & Nara

This DivaNun Guide is a one pager of everything to do, see, and eat in Kyoto & Nara. 


  • Kyoto
    • The Kyoto Imperial Palace:
      • Not as cool as I expected it to be. They were doing construction so maybe when more of it is available it would be more fun
    • Fushimi Inari
      • Head shrine to the god Inari in Kyoto
    • Saganoo Bamboo Forrest
      • Beautiful grove filled with bamboo in the outskirts of Kyoto
    • Kinkaku-ji/ Ginkaku-ji
      • A pair of zen temples built by the family of a shogun
  • Nara




  • Kyoto
    • Aoi Festival
    • Seeing a Geisha performance 
  • Nara
    • Feeding the Deer


  • Kyoto
    • Kitchen Raku Raku
      • by far the best meal I've ever eaten in my entire life. The chef's special is a reminder of how delicious and simple traditional japanese food is with a flair of western influences
      • The Chef's Special was three course's a seafood, beef, and desert
    • Kyoto Gogyo
      • The Burnt Miso Ramen is one of my favorite ramen dishes I've ever eaten in the world. The burnt flavor provides a contrast to the typically rich and silky ramens I had been eating. 
    • Honke Owariya
      • Didn't make it here but apparently has really good Soba noodles
    • There is a restaurant that sells amazing tempura on the way to the way to Ginkaku-ji that the photo above was taken. Such a delicious meal but I can't find the restaurant on google maps. 
    • Cafe/Bar Oil
      • Recommended by a friend for having good drinks
  • Nara
    • Harushkia Sake Brewery
      • they have sake tastings for 500 yen and you get a free sake cup.
      • You can also buy all the sake's you taste plus more to take away
    • Maguro Koya
      • Tuna Heave
      • very reasonably priced but you will have to order multiple plates. Think tapas style


  • Accomodation
    • Kyoto
      • Backpackers Hostel Kyoto
        • $24 a night
          • this is a chain but it felt very at homey with a large common area and a kitchen that you could cook your own meals in. 
          • About a 10-15 minute walk from the city center and the main train station as well as a closer to the local subway stations for access to Fushimi Inari
    • Nara
      • Deer Guest House
        • $12 a night