Fashion Meditation II

San Francisco is such a rich and full city. Even though I've now been there twice I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface. I'm not even taking into account Oakland and Berkley which only deepen the Bay Area's culture and history. I'm not worried though because I will be living in LA eventually and I will be able to take in the beauty of the Bay Area whenever I want!

This dress was made by this amazing women in DC. You find her stall in Eastern Market on the weekends. I borrowed the Sunglasses from Valerie when we had our photoshoot in Bernal Heights

Grinnell is still foundational to my fashion and style. Not only was it the place where I decided to start the process of living my life on my own terms I still have so many great pieces that I found in the thrift stores surrounding the college. One of those great finds is the silky blouse I'm wearing under the cape. It's a bold look from far away but up close you see that the spaces in between the black lines are filled with an intricate flower design. I paired it with my purple Timberlands and forrest green lipstick as I explored the alleyways of Chinatown.

I wore this look on one of my last days in San Francisco when I visited Dolores Park. The denim dress is from Asos and the African print jacket is one of my favorite pieces. You will see it a lot when I'm in Japan it's just such a versatile piece. Sadly, for all of you it's thrifted from my days in Grinnell. The beads are from Jamaica and a gift from a dear friend. The sunglasses were thrifted from Beatnix in Chicago.