Haus of Jung

      There’s something so lovely about old friendships dovetailing with new passions. I first met Natalia in college. She lived on the same floor as people I knew from DC.

We were both so different then that I can’t even believe where we are now. The path towards growth doesn’t always take the direction you anticipated.  She’s weaving her love of psychology into an accessories line called Haus of Jung. While I am taking my knowledge on gender, philosophy, and race and weaving it into every image I make.  I guess what they say is true; a liberal arts education applies to everything you do.  

    I went to New York before my birthday and got a chance to see Natalia in her studio.  The light was so gorgeous and soft.  I almost didn’t bring my camera with me. But I’m so happy that I did. 

What I loved the most was the small details in her studio for example the vintage sewing machine with the dried flowers.  

What started off as a chill session turned into a photo-shoot with our mutual friend from college SejanHer line has really gorgeous hats along with fanny packs and custom made pieces. Definitely follow her on Instagram and support the amazing work she is doing by commissioning a piece or two. You will definitely be hearing a lot more about her in the future.